Renewable Energy

RSA has an in-depth knowledge of the global renewable energy sector and we work with some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world.

We provide insurance across the full customer experience, from the early shipment of material, through to construction.

Renewable Energy

Our expertise spans across the following renewable energy technologies:

  • Wind: onshore and offshore facilities; the latter through our Danish colleagues from CODAN
  • Solar: thermal installations and photovoltaic (CAR/EAR)
  • Small hydro

And covers:

  • Construction: all risks on-site, including delay in start-up and losses due to delayed start-up, losses arising and liability
  • Operating risk: all risks including machinery breakdown and business interruption

Conventional Power

Economic prosperity depends heavily on the production of electrical energy at reasonable cost

Electrical energy is generated through mechanical power, which relies on the use of machinery; harnessing speed, temperature, combustion, force and pressure in varying degrees.

These are all factors that carry a degree of risk for owners and operators.

We can provide the following covers for power stations fueled by coal, gas and oil:

  • Construction including construction liability and delay in start-up
  • Operating risk including machinery breakdown and business interruption.

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